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Construction progress

Current construction progress

May - July 2019: After the shell was completed at the end of April, work on the façade design of the HGHI Tower is progressing rapidly. After completion of the preliminary work for the installation of the window front, XXL glass panes will be delivered in mid-June. The full glazing of the facade is expected to be completed by mid-August. In the interior, a floating screed will be laid on each floor; this work is expected to last until the end of June. The technical building services equipment (TGA) with the installation and installation of the air conditioning system and sewage pipe is currently 60% completed and will be finalised at full speed in the coming weeks.

April 2019: The shell of the building is approaching completion at the beginning of April. The ceiling of the 7th floor will be concreted at the beginning of the month so that the technical room can be built on the 8th floor. This will be where the upper parts of the elevator system or the emergency power supply system (NEA) will be located. The other trades will also be involved in April: The sewage pipes will be laid by the end of April and the bricklaying work in the shell construction will be completed. The ventilation contractor is also working its way up from the UG peu á peu and will install the smoke pressure system (RDA) of the HGHI Tower this month. While the drywaller is installing the first drywalls, the locksmith will start work and assemble the stair railing in April.

March 2019: In March, the HGHI Tower Strasse des 17. Juni is in an exciting phase: The shell will be completed so far that the tec-equipment room can be erected on the top floor at the end of the month. An end is therefore in sight in the truest sense of the word. In the entire basement, the screed will be laid and the staircase plastered. The technical building services equipment (TGA) also begins with the installation of the pipes for the cooling and heat supply of the building. The electrician will anchor the cable trays to the ceilings and lay his cables there.

January / February 2019: On the fourth floor, the walls are finished, now the ceiling is being concreted. At the end of January, the fifth upper floor is expected to be reached. At the same time, the ceiling of the basement was insulated. So while the construction team is working its way up, parallel insulation is being carried out at the bottom.

December 2018: Following excavation of the construction pit, the start signal for the shell work was given in April 2018. Currently, the structural work has progressed to the third floor and will be completed in spring 2019. At the same time, the basement has been extended, e.g. by waterproofing the floors or expanding the technical building equipment (refrigeration and heating technology, ventilation and plumbing). Facade work will begin in February 2019.

Construction progress

Before / After

Information for residents

Extensive construction work causes dirt, noise and other impairments for the residents. Of course we do our best to reduce any inconvenience to a minimum. We apologize for any disturbance caused by the work on the construction site.

Do you have ideas, suggestions or would you like to criticize utter? Then send us an e-mail to or contact us personally.

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